Maria Montessori said, that the child is not formed by the adult but every man is formed by the child he used to be.  The future life of each child depends on his experiences, motivations and support he gets. The huge part of his development is the environment in which the child grows up. The environment should be prepared to help the child develop every sphere of his inner need. In Montessori kindergarten the dynamic and activity are inseparable from peace and concentration. Children have enough time to do their own discoveries.  Our private Kindergarten is a place where childhood is the time of stable and happy growing.

“ Our pupils (…) have cheerful faces of happy and gentle people, who are able to control their own actions. When they stand in front of visitors, they speak with courage and they seriously stretch out their small hands for greetings; when they say thank you their eyes shine and their voices sound cheerful.” – M.Montessori