About us


Maria Montessori said that it’s not the adult who shapes the child but every adult person is shaped by the child he/she once was. Depending on how a child is developing, what it’s experiencing, how it’s motivated or supported will dictate it’s whole future life. Decisively roles played in the child’s immediate surrounding it’s growing in matters. Should there be a complete prohibition or inadequate reach to  materials or subjects, then this limits the child’s possibility to ease its curiosity. Or, are there the appropiate preparation that allows the child’s development at its every sphere? In a Montessori preschool every activity  is connected to silence and concentration. Children have time for self discoveries. This is the place where childhood often undergoes a peaceful growth.

Our learners/pupils  wear the face of a happy people and not only, they are in control of their actions. When faced with a  visitor can boldly hold out their  hands for a handshake and when showing gratitude  their faces shine and their voices sound happy.” M. Montessori, Children’s Home.”