About us

Inspired entirely by the timeless discoveries about child development made by 19th-century doctor Maria Montessori – herself a remarkable woman – our preschool aims to foster education so that the potential and individual personality of each child flourishes.

Montessori’s observations of children – who came from various social-economic backgrounds and who had a variety of talents and handicaps – led her to some universal conclusions about how young people learn and grow.

Her holistic philosophy identified that children’s physical, mental and emotional health are fully integrated. She also found that children want to learn, to be independent, to be confident in their abilities and to know their place in the world. Under her guidance, children grew to be responsible, helpful, respectful, dignified, empathetic go-getters. And, above all, happy.

Our preschool puts children first. It allows children to design their own education. We encourage children to be independent, to pursue their interests and their dreams, to believe in themselves and accomplish things that we sometimes would not expect them to. Because it is adults, and not children, who put limitations on what children can and should be able to do. We appreciate that children teach us as often as we teach them.

We provide a calm, stimulating, appealing and orderly environment in which children thrive. Our preschool is for our children. It is their space, and we help them care for it and respect it. It is a space in which they concentrate and learn to discipline themselves. Children are free to work with materials as they please, within a framework of respect for property and other people, and to develop at their own pace. Children work in mixed-age groups, where they learn from each other. Teachers observe, encourage and support children as they endeavour to do their own learning. Our group is small to ensure teachers can devote enough attention to each individual.

Especially during the preschool years, Montessori noticed that children are explorers. They use their senses to explore the world around them, to discover new things, absorb their environment, grow their sense of self and their intellect.

This prepares them for the next stage, the primary school years, during which they consciously acquire knowledge,  learn to think abstractly and apply their previous experiences in further exploration and discoveries.

Our preschool is also a place for parents. We believe preschool educators and parents share the role of educator.  As a preschool we aim to liaise with and support our parents, we invite you to visit our classroom and take part in regular workshops. Above all, we wish for the Montessori philosophy is a constant element of our children’s’ upbringing.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the Montessori method and our preschool.