English – Methods

The teaching of English language to children in our preschool takes place in an atmosphere full of it as well as in the content of listening, perceptable , as well as in experience. Children dwell among teachers and English native speaker who communicate with them mainly in English.


Conventional and among them above all are: audiolingual (repeatation, memorizing and setting the exersice materials) as well as cognitive ( a language must have a creative character). Non convetionational and among them above all: Total Physical Response ( each language problem/quetion are connected with solving it with the use of the whole body thus making the lesson more effective) as well as the natural method ( dominating here exposing the meaning whereas the language situations are understood by the child and the speech appears only when the child is ready to speak). Extra lessons in support of teaching of the English language are realised by the the child through individual bloke of themes in accordance/agreement with the Academy’s Educational programe. Mentioning about definate thematic lessons covered in Polish language, are also realised with their equivalent in the English language. The corelation of both the educatinal topics and contents will compile the primary foundation our Teaching Educational work.