“ The way the children learn, prejudges who they will become.” –M. Montessori

The prepared environment and the rhythm of the day give the children the possibility for individual work, help to recognize their chances and needs of each child.

In our kindergarten the teacher is a guide ready to help and direct the child.

The groups are age mixed. On the shelf you can find only one piece of each material. That helps the children to become patient,  concentrated and feel responsible. They also feel respect to each other and the material. They work and never  rival. Alder children take care of the younger, when the younger learn the rules of the group.

As directresses we assure individual approach and individual teaching program. Every child learns in its own and individual time and follows its own needs. We help them to develop children’s interest in the world around as well as creativity. In Montessori Children Academy we learn independence. According to Maria Montessori the most important thing is to lead the child to independence and  responsibility for the world around. In our kindergarten the children set the tables, cut the fruit, prepare simple dishes, look after the garden.  We only show them how to become independent and how to look after others. The order in the prepared environment helps them to learn self-control, the innerdisciplin as well as making their own and independent decisions and planning work.

“ The most important times in our lives are not the years we spend in university, but the very early once. It means the time from the birth till the age of six. They are the years when human being intelligence is formed as well as the whole psychical abilities.” – M.Montessori