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“The way children learn determines who they will be.”
dr. Maria Montessori


What distinguishes facilities inspired by the Italian method today? They are based on independent learning about the world by children. They assume that the child learns most effectively when it is engaged in something that they are passionate about at the moment. In a traditional school, they ask the teacher: “What should I do?”. And they hear: “Write down the topic from the board and make the book the seventh exercise.”. In Montessori schools, teachers ask, but students should try to answer the questions themselves. Sometimes they find the answer after a few moments, sometimes after a few days. The teacher does not try to lead him according to the “follow the child” principle. And every child has their own time to learn a given thing.



In 1998, two American students founded a company. Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford University, but they had both attended Montessori schools before. It was there that they were taught to come to the opinions themselves. The company they founded was Google. And it is from this story that many teachers and parents who have dealt with it begin the conversation about the Montessori system. Who would not want their children to follow a similar path?



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