English – Methodology

Teaching children English in our kindergarten takes place in the atmosphere of the ubiquity of a foreign language, both in heard, perceived and experimental content. The children are among adults who communicate with them mainly in English.

The methods used at Montessori Children’s Academy are:

  • conventional, among them mainly: audio-lingual (repetition, remembering and consolidation of the material practiced) and cognitive (language must be creative),
  • unconventional and here mainly: Total Physical Response (individual language issues are related to whole-body work, which makes learning more effective) and the natural method (significant exposure dominates here, where language situations are understandable to the child, and speech only appears when it is ready for it).

In addition to the activities based on the English language curriculum, children implement individual thematic blocks by the educational program of the institution.

Speaking about specific issues in classes conducted in Polish, they will be familiarized with their equivalents in English. The coherence of the content being the subject of teaching is the basis for the assumptions of our didactic and educational work.