Why our kindergarten?

Prepared surroundings and the rhythm of the day at the Montessori Children’s Academy kindergarten create conditions for individual teaching, recognizing the possibilities and needs of each of the children. In our kindergarten, the Teacher is a guide and support for every child.

“The way children learn determines who they will be.”

dr. Maria Montessori

Being in a mixed age group, where each help is in one copy, they learn patience, respect for work and concentration. Children are taught to cooperate, they do not compete with each other, moreover, older children care about younger help them, and younger children learn from the older rules prevailing in the group.

We provide an individual approach to each child and an individual teaching plan. Children learn at their own pace, according to their interests. We strive to develop children’s curiosity about the world and creative thinking. In our kindergarten, we teach independence, we do not do children in everything.

“The most important period in life is not the years of studying at the university, but the earliest, that is, the period from birth to six years. It is a time when human intelligence is formed and not only it but all of its psychic abilities.”

dr. Maria Montessori

According to Maria Montessori, the essence of education is to bring a child to independence, independence from adults, responsibility for himself and the world. In our kindergarten, children prepare their covering for meals, cut fruit, clean after themselves, prepare simple dishes, take care of the preschool garden. The help we provide to our charges consists of ensuring that children can dress themselves, pour juice, wash a plate or read a book. We try not to help the children, but to show them how they can do it themselves. An orderly environment teaches self-control, internal discipline, independent decision making, and planning of your work.