Montessori Academy is delighted to invite you to a virtual tour!

Our school’s door is currently closed, but our community remains open.

As Montessorians, we believe in the power of human connection and adaptation. We develop well in times that seem unknown to us. We are dedicated to our students and families. To keep our community safe, we’ve temporarily closed our door. However, our community remains open. We now offer virtual tours for families who want to learn more about our school.

Our virtual tour

Contact us at 793949442 (or send us an email) to arrange an individual discussion with our Admissions Director. During this virtual meeting, we will learn more about you and your child (children) and provide you with a full introduction to our school:

  • What our classrooms look like (including class sizes and materials)
  • Tuition information
  • Who is in our wonderful, dedicated staff
  • What is the “Montessori method” (and why it leads to life love of learning)
  • ‘A day in the life’ of our students

Tours last on average 20 minutes, but they can be shortened or extended according to your needs. We strive to answer all questions while respecting your time.

You will have questions; we will have answers.

After our virtual tour you will have plenty of time to ask questions! Regardless of the circumstances, we want you to be as informed as possible before making decisions about your child’s future.

The shutdown due to COVID-19 is temporary. Our student’s love for learning lasts a lifetime.

In our community, we perceive challenges like these as the opportunity to learn and make deeper contacts. Until our door opens, we’ll still be here – albeit in a new way.

We invite you to a virtual trip with us. Find out what makes our community so special.