Montessori Children’s Academy

Dear parents of candidates for preschoolers!

The last free places for the 2021/2022 school year are waiting!

Our Kindergarten is not for everyone, but if you want your child to:

  • was able to fasten his jacket, cover the table, sew on a button, polish silver, grate a carrot,
  • perfect their senses by working with unusual sensory material,
  • developed his mathematical mind,
  • improve language skills,
  • learned about space, geography, biology, and history, making virtual journeys across all continents, the world of flora and fauna,
  • spent time among other children in a specially prepared environment, in a spacious, aesthetic room, having at their disposal (unheard of in other establishments) Montessori material, all in an atmosphere of respect and passion for work, without rewards and penalties, under the guidance of trained teachers, with taking into account the individual pace of development and the skills and passion of each child.

…then you can be sure that Montessori Children’s Academy and Maria Montessori’s pedagogy is what you were looking for your child!

Dear Sir or Madam!

We invite you to an information meeting regarding our Montessori kindergarten.

A meeting with the parents of the kindergarten regarding the organization of the next year – the assumptions of the program, principles of family functioning in the Montessori kindergarten community.

We invite you to adaptation classes from 10:00-12:00, by appointment by phone or directly at the Montessori Children’s Academy kindergarten.

Recruitment to our kindergarten lasts for the whole calendar year, the number of places is limited!

The kindergarten group includes 12 children.

People interested in registering a child are invited to our facility after a prior appointment with the Headmaster of the kindergarten.

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